Albums appearing on this page are the latest productions from PROdigital. During the interval between their completion and their appearance in retail outlets they are only available directly from PROdigital Records. For the most part, they are so new that no reviews have yet appeared, although they might already have been heard on radio.

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PRO-2001 • Violinist Roberto Cani
Live in Concert: 2000

Producer: Frank Martin
Engineering, Editing, and Mastering: PROdigital Records
Recorded: December 17, 2000
Westwood Hills Christian Church, Westwood, California
Graphic Design: Peter Hatch

PRO-5307 • The Magic of the Viola
Songs, Arias and Genre Pieces

for Viola and piano

Violist Peter Hatch
Pianist Bryan Pezzone
playing 16 magical songs, arias
and short pieces. Several in original transcriptions.

PRO-4028 • Introducing
Chris Tedesco, trumpet

Hollywood freelance trumpeter in his classical record debut. Wide variety of selections played by one of the best commercial musicians in the business. Available direct from PROdigital!

Note: These beautiful records will be coming soon to a record store near you. Until then, they are available directly from PROdigital Records via our Ordering page

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