Founded in 1992 with the publication of our first Compact Disc "19th-Century Viola Music” PROdigital Records has since proven itself to be a (very) independent, classical music record label based in Los Angeles, California. Dedicated to bringing out the highest-quality classical records possibile, our goal has always been to produce and publish digital recordings that would otherwise probably never see the light of day in today’s high-volume, profit-oriented marketplace. In a day and age in which the listening public is bombarded by hundreds of versions of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and Beethoven’s 9th Symphony performed by the same artists year after year, PROdigital Records strives to offer often-overlooked classics in exciting performances by upcoming virtuoso artists. Our catalogue includes several world premiere recordings of music written as early as the 18th and 19th centuries, debut performances by previously unrecorded artists and as an independent label, we are proud of our ability to offer these recordings that might be unthinkable at bigger major-label publishing houses.
Since almost everyone associated with PROdigital Records is a creative and/or performing classical musician, it follows that all artistic decisions are made by musicians. Our perspectives, from the sound of our records to their graphical appearance, reflect our collective musical idealism. Even as we, re-creative performing artists, are always striving to recreate the music as the composer originally heard it in his head, as recording artists we also strive to recreate the music as we hear it in the concert. At PROdigital Records, this ideal is fundamental to our philosophy: The creation of the music as the performer hears it in the concert as opposed to the sound heard from front row center, the first balcony, or the best seat in the house. A few critics will no doubt take exception; but as performers, it is a perspective that we take for granted. This basic point of view lends our recordings a presence and excitement that is palpable; and gives rise to our appelation: "The Classical Musicians' Record Label".
Formerly represented by Albany Music, Inc., PROdigital Records is presently distributed by Gem Distribution of New York, and is also one of the original founding members of Classical Music Consortium, the newest concept in classical music distribution to come along in decades. Our compact discs are available in fine classical record stores in all fifty states and Canada and are once again available commercially in England and for the first time in Germany through the Classical Music Consortium. Other international availability (outside of the United States, Canada, England and Germany) is made possible exclusively through the miracle of the world wide web, both here at our site (see our Ordering Page) as well as at major internet retailing sites such as,,, etc. Our site also features an unusual, low-issue supplementary recording available nowhere else. This limited-edition, digital compact disc recording can be found in our Virtual CD section. We also offer promotional downloads from some of our more popular and newest albums in the form of MP3 downloads. These sample recordings can be found at our MP3 Downloads center.
We have prepared a guided tour of our catalogue for first time visitors. It is notated with distinctive tour buttons at the bottom of each record's main page and takes you from one recording to the next, or returns you to our home page at any moment of the tour. Along the way, we have placed surprises such as hidden pictures and signs, along with numerous links that lead directly to informational pages about the artists, producers and/or music. Or feel free to go directly to our catalogue which also features links to each record title. Either way, we hope you enjoy your visit to PROdigital Records and look forward to your early return.

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