Virtual CDs ™

Thanks to the revolution that has taken place in music recording technology and desktop publishing, PROdigital Records can now offer fully digital, studio-master quality compact disk recordings that are produced virtually "on-demand".
From our growing library of original master productions stored on hard disk, we can now individually burn compact discs that are fully compatible with "Red Book standard" CD audio specs. These digital CDs retain all of the sparkle and dynamic sizzle of the original masters, undimmed by CD factory manufacturing shortcuts such as 2x and even 4x glass master production, etc. Both for their technical sound quality and their limited availability, they are an audiofile/collector's dream come true. It goes without saying that PROdigital Records' Virtual CD recordings come packaged with laser-printed, full-color graphics and CD jewel box . They are in every way fully professional recordings worthy of inclusion in the most demanding audiofile's collection.

These unusual recordings are only available directly through our website. Please visit our Virtual Catalogue to see what's new and currently available through our order department. Additionally, any combination of music from our regular catalogue can theoretically also be custom-ordered.

For more information, please contact us.

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