Peter Hatch

No stranger to the recording studio, Peter Hatch has long been a member of that anonymous cadre of elite Los Angeles studio musicians whose playing is heard around the world in movies, records and television. At the same time, his other musical activities embrace virtually every facet of viola playing available to a performer; from solo recitals to orchestral playing, chamber music and teaching.
International assignments have included solo violist of such orchestras as the Caracas Philharmonic (Venezuela), the Symphony of Castilla-Leon (Spain) and at the Festival Tibor Varga (Switzerland). Founder of chamber music series' in both Seattle and Los Angeles, Peter Hatch has been acclaimed as violist by audiences and critics alike. On numerous occasions The Los Angeles Times has praised his "warm vibrant tone, smooth phrasing and facile technique" citing his playing for " every respect, superlative artistry and exhilarating mastery". His annual recital series The Magic of the Viola delights Los Angeles audiences with a rich and varied palette of lesser-known as well as celebrated masterpieces from the entire viola repertoire, and has included numerous premieres.
While still a student, Peter Hatch frequently appeared with his teacher, Tibor Varga, in chamber music concerts in Europe. The artistic and musical values fostered by this association derive, in part, from Joachim's and Vieuxtemps' violinistic traditions of string playing as passed down through Varga's teachers Jëno Hubay and Carl Flesch, thus preserving a direct musical link with the great composers of the 19th century.
A scholarship recipient and graduate of the Juilliard School, Peter Hatch also includes among his teachers such masters as Ivan Galamian, William Primrose and Josef Gingold. The CD Recording, 19th-century Viola Music (PRO-5308) marked his solo classical recording debut, which was followed by Brahms: Sonatas for Viola and Piano (PRO-6215). His newest album, The Magic of the Viola (PRO-5307) , a classical/crossover record of songs, arias, and genre pieces for viola and piano, can be purchased directly from the PROdigital Records through our direct order department. Other albums are in preparation.

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