• Sonata R8 in C-major • Sonata R31 in a-minor • Sonata R118 in a minor
• Sonata R1 in A-major• Sonata R21 in c#-minor •Sonata R100 in c-minor
• Sonata R103 in c-minor • Sonata R6 in F-major • Sonata R13 in B-flat-major
• Sonata R113 in e-minor • Sonata R106 in e-minor •Sonata R18 in c-minor
• Sonata M1 in c-minor • Sonata R45 in G-major

Album Credits
Producer/Engineer: Scott Ryan Johnson
Harpsichord Technician: Dana Ciul
Digital Editing: Allan Tucker, Foothill Digital Productions, NYC
Cover Design: Scott Taylor

Recorded at the Old Stone Contregational Church, Lyons, Colorado: August 1991
Duration: 63:07

French Double Harpsichord designed by D. Jacques Way (after Hemsch)
Built by Dana Ciul, Lyons, Colorado, 1988

American Record Guide: "Susanne Shapiro performs these sonatas with great animation and even humor (e.g. the abrupt, seemingly capricious silences in No. 8 in C, which opens the program). There is nothing fussy about her playing, yet every gesture seems right for the style...She demonstrates a mastery of phrasing and nuance; there is never a slack or shapeless moment...
"The French-style double harpsichord has a bright and robust sound, recorded here with good presence, yet without the annoying clatter that comes when harpsichords are recorded too closely. ;The sound here is sparkling and altogether delightful.
"Anyone with the least interest in Soler's sonatas will want this disc."

Continuo Magazine: "Susanne Shapiro shows a compelling affinity for Soler's brilliant style and Spanish Hauteur."

So. California Early Music Society: "All of the spanish folk elements are brought vividly to life by Ms. Shapiro's spectacular playing."

Program Notes

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PRO-1066 14 Sonatas for Harpsichord by Antonio Soler
Susanne Shapiro