Album CreditsProducer: Peter Hatch
Audio Engineer: Leslie Ann Jones
Mastering & Digital Editing: Gregg Nestor
Recorded at: Capitol Records, Hollywood, CA
Program Notes: Leroy W. Southers, Jr., D.M.A.
Album Art: Leslieanne Dreith
Album Consultant: Ray Kelley
Graphics: Frank Martin
Publisher: PROdigital Records© 1995 PROdigital Records All Rights Reserved

Fanfare: "This is particularly impressive...Superbe artists (with) fertile imaginations , volcanic temperament...the music revels and dances before the listener's imagination

"...fifty-four minutes of exceptionally distinguished, and unfailingly insightful music-making.

...An illustrious and hugely enjoyable disc from two fine musicians...Strongly recommended!

Stereo Review: "This performance by Antony Cooke and Armin Watkins is full-bodied and muscular.... The performers rise superbly to the occaision..."

Program Notes

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PRO - 7192 Great Hungarian Music for Cello & Piano
Antony Cooke
Armin Watkins
• Dohnányi: Sonata in B-flat Major, Opus 8
• Bartók: Roumanian Folk Dances from Hungary
• Kodály: Three Chorale Preludes
Ach was is doch unser Leben, Vater Unser im Himmelreich
Christus de uns selig macht

• Jenö Hubay: Hullámzó Balaton from Scènes de la Csárda, Opus 33, Nº 5