Scott Harper

One of the original guiding spirits behind PROdigital Records, audio-engineer/ producer/ computer-whiz Scott Harper studied at the Royal College of Music in London, England, graduating with Honors in 1977. Emerging from a background in popular music, he has composed theater pieces, oratorios, orchestral and chamber works for various instrumental combinations, as well as music for albums, television and feature films. His 1986 score for “Miraculous Machines” and his 1990 score for “Amazon, Land of the Flooded Forest” each won EMMY's for Outstanding Achievement in Music Composition. His instrumental arrangements for many popular artists (Cher, Celine Dion, Belinda Carlisle, etc.) have earned him numerous Gold and Platinum awards. Scott's feature films include Eat & Run, Orion's Belt, and To Hell With Love, among others. His commercial work has won major competitions including best campaign and best music at the Sunny Awards (GTE), as well as a Clio (Rhythm & Hues).
Scott's work at PROdigital Records earns him admiration from artists, administrators and engineers alike, especially for his keen musical ear and his vast intuitive knowledge of Macintosh computers and the programs that run on them.

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